An Introduction to Your Horse Riding Pant Options

An Introduction to Your Horse Riding Pant Options

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If you’re searching for equestrian pants to keep you cool, comfortable, and in control in the saddle, then you’re in the right place. Stylish equestrian apparel is gaining in popularity in and out of the ring. The latest data shows the global equestrian apparel marketplace is expected to reach USD $7.6 billion by 2025.  

Whether you’re training in the saddle or upgrading your equestrian pants to give you the advantage in an upcoming competition, Asmar Equestrian can help you navigate the marketplace and find your perfect pair.

First, Let’s Define Your Horse Riding Pants Options

Asmar Equestrian Classic Euro Seat Knee Patch Riding Breeches

Breeches are a style of riding pants made with thin material and a design that finishes at the midpoint of your calf. They are generally considered the most formal horse riding pant and are usually the best option for your competitions when you want to impress in the show ring. Breeches fit snugly through the seat, leg, and thigh for complete riding control and excellent communication between rider and horse. Check out our breeches buying guide for further details.

Beige Knee Patch Jodhphurs

Jodhpurs or “Jods” are full-length riding pants that often feature an elastic strap at the ankle to prevent the pants from riding up. Jodhpurs are great for young equestrians learning in the saddle and those who enjoy a versatile pant option. 

Riding Leggings
Black Knee Patch Silicone Riding Leggings

Riding leggings are a cross between breeches and yoga pants. Generally available in a wider selection of colors than breeches, our riding leggings feature silicone grip in a knee patch or full-seat style for the right amount of hold. 



Styles for Each Riding Discipline

Different riding pants are best suited to specific styles and disciplines. Understanding your options and matching your riding pants to your riding discipline will help you enjoy the best experience while building your skills as an equestrian.



Dressage Rider Wearing White Riding Pants on Horse in Front of Trees in Background


Traditionally, dressage requires you to wear plain white breeches or jodhpurs. Full-seat riding pants are preferred for dressage as they provide a tight grip while performing your gait. Using this closer grip, you’ll be able to maintain the composure crucial for the unforgettable dressage riding experience. 



Western Style Horse Rider Wearing Black Riding Pants Standing Next to Brown Horse


The key to choosing equestrian pants for Western-style riding is comfort. Western riders should choose durable riding pants that stretch with the body’s natural movement in the saddle. 



Show Jumping
Show Jumper in Beige Riding Pants with White Horse Bounding Over Obstacle


The athletic show jumper requires light, breathable breeches designed for fast-paced movement. Showjumping breeches should be fit snugly with some give in the fabric to allow for quick adjustments on landing. 



Horse Rider and Horse Jumping Over Obstacle with Rider Wearing White Breeches As Crowd Looks On


For the endurance athlete, cross-country pants must feature breathable fabric that allows for long-standing saddle comfort. Consider moisture-wicking leggings for a lightweight style to support effortless focus and control. 



Hunter Rider and Horse Jumping over Gate


Grace and elegance are fundamental to the Hunter riding discipline. Choose traditional breeches that fit tight to the leg for the ultimate level of style, poise, and effortless control over the course. 


Asmar Equestrian: Setting the Styles & Performance Standards in Equestrian Pants 


Asmar Equestrian | Elevated Riding Apparel

At Asmar Equestrian, we thrive by creating clothing and accessories that help enhance the equestrian experience, in and out of the ring. We’ve dressed Canada’s Olympic athletes in Asmar Equestrian attire at the Rio Olympics and our commitment to exceptional equestrian apparel design helped Asmar Equestrian win the Most Innovative Riding Apparel award at BETA

Get stylish horse riding attire Made For the Way You Move when you shop from our riding pants collection now. 

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