Est. 2011

Asmar Equestrian

We have defined a modern approach to equestrian style, in and out of the ring™.

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Elegant, thoughtful, purpose-driven

Asmar Equestrian redefined riding apparel—extending the equestrian lifestyle to all areas of a rider’s life. From outerwear and technical tops to show apparel, Italian leather handbags and accessories, our mission is to empower you to feel confident and prepared with stylish clothes that are made for the way you move.

Behind the brand is founder Noel Asmar, a self-taught designer with an innate sense of fashion, an eye for timeless style and a lifelong love of horses. Noel has won numerous accolades within the fashion and equestrian industries, been honored for her innovations, and earned the respect and affection of riders around the globe.

Style, in and out of the ring™

Rider first, since day one

Our undying passion for the horse is what unites us, but what drives us is our commitment to riders. Every decision—from fabric to fit to how we communicate—comes down to what works best for equestrians. We understand how you move and how you spend your day, and reach you right where you are. We sell directlytoyou so we can hear directlyfromyou—getting feedback to adjust our designs and create collections that help riders shine their brightest.

Sustainable at the core

If riding has taught us anything, it’s to have courage and to keep striving for better. As we looked to the future we realized sustainability was non-negotiable, if we’re going to continue to do the sport we love, care for our equine partners, and spend time in nature. That means choosing sustainable materials, cutting out waste and keeping a finger on every part of our supply chain. We only want to bring beauty into this world, not excess, and this is the best way we can do that.

Noel's Story

The cerulean sea of Byblos. Incense drenched souks in Beirut. The colorful chaos of a Hong Kong fabric market . A steaming cappuccino in Florence. Historical Fashion Houses in Paris. These experiences have all inspired Noel Asmar, but the story really begins with her childhood in British Columbia. Driving through the countryside, Noel would blow kisses to every single horse they passed by. She grew up loving horses. The big, beautiful creatures, with their gentle, intuitive souls. She has always felt most at peace and connected to herself, in the saddle. In later years, bitten by the travel bug, her journeys would take her to over 35 countries. Those experiences with diverse cultures and people proved endlessly inspiring. Noel’s common-sense approach to solving problems, combined with her love for empowering others through fashion, led to the founding of Spa Uniforms, Inc. and later Noel Asmar Group, Inc. and Noel Asmar Equestrian.

Noel launched Asmar Equestrian after she saw a gap in the equestrian marketplace. There were plenty of satisfactory brands, but none that offered an elevated look coupled with practical functionality, at an accessible price point. Unable to find functional riding apparel that reflected her own style, Noel was inspired to spend time designing a few key pieces for herself to wear riding. Living in the unpredictable climate of Vancouver, her most immediate need was a jacket that allowed her to be out with the horses, rain or shine. And so, the infamous All Weather Rider was born. A smart, chic outwear piece with a flattering silhouette that works in and out of the saddle, and a water and wind resistant fabric to keep you warm and dry.

Noel officially launched Asmar Equestrian in 2011. Riders and equestrian retailers immediately fell in love with the high quality, modern sensibility, and the line soon grew to include technical tops, show apparel, breeches and Italian leather accessories. Today we’ve grown into a global equestrian brand aimed at empowering riders to feel confident and prepared through our clothing and accessories. Our innovative approach, commitment to quality and ultimately an undying passion for the horse, shapes all that is Asmar Equestrian.

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