Show season—it’s an exciting time for many equestrians, but it can also be stressful when you’re constantly on the go. Making sure you’ve packed all your essentials and feel calm, confident, and prepared to put your best foot (or hoof) forward is the key to having a great season. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help make sure you’re properly packed and dressed for success, in and out of the ring. 

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  1. Bring a complete change of show apparel
    To put it simply, you just never know. Having an additional pair or pairs of breeches and an extra show shirt eliminates the last-minute panic in case you spill a drink, get a little too dirty and dusty, or become the victim of a horse snort—it happens. Our show shirts wash easily (either in the washing machine on the gentle cycle or by hand) and can be hung to dry, which takes no time at all thanks to quick-drying, breathable fabric. Choose from long sleeved, short sleeved, or sleeveless depending on your style, and feel good knowing you’re wearing tops made from sustainable material.

  2. Don’t forget the accessories
    While your show apparel is meant to be prim, proper, polished, and fit you properly, accessorizing still matters. A sleek Italian leather belt is a great finishing touch and compliment to your breeches. And a leather bag or tote is just what you need ringside to hold extra bobby pins, elastics, hairnets, hairspray, and stain remover pens as you put the finishing touches on your ensemble and get ready to step into the ring.

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  3. Wear a hat
    It doesn’t matter if it’s crisp and cool outside or a scorcher of a day, you’re going to want a hat. Hats provide some personal shade and keep the sun off your face, can warm your ears and keep you dry if there’s drizzle, and help keep your hair neat and tidy, too. Plus, they take up next to no room when you’re packing. Bonus.

  4. Pack extra rub rags
    Perhaps one of the most practical things to have on-hand during shows is a rub rag, and when in doubt, pack extras. Use them to get the last bit of dust off your boots, to tend to your horse and wipe any foam from their mouth, and to smooth out their coat and make it shine.

    Water Bottle
  5. Hydrate + Snack on
    Toss both a reusable water bottle and tumbler in your bag so you can stay hydrated—and caffeinated—on the go. Not only are they an environmentally friendly choice, but you can choose from colors and designs that speak to your personal style or get a customized cup with your name on it, so you always know you’re sipping the right drink. While nerves can keep your appetite at bay, you’re probably going to be ready for a snack when your class is over. Pack quick snacks like fruit, crackers, or granola bars for a much-needed energy boost you can eat anytime. And don’t forget mints or sugar cubes to treat your horse, too.


We wish all our fellow equestrians a great show season. Shop our show apparel now to get just what you need and be sure to subscribe to our emails and SMS alerts, so you never miss a sale.

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