Horse & Style Vol. 1

Horse & Style Vol. 1

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Covid-19 brought a pause to the world.  We quarantined, we masked-up, and we tested. We also reflected as citizens, colleagues, family members and friends.

Many businesses were severely impacted by the pandemic. They had to learn how to keep their staff safe while at the same time adapt to operational and supply chain challenges.

Asmar took this time to re-imagine the future of their brand and have emerged energized, inspired and more connected with their customers than ever before.   In evaluating the current and post pandemic consumer landscape, Asmar stepped up to the plate in a number of ways to support the equestrian community. At the height of the pandemic, acknowledging the financial stress on many members of the horse world, Asmar created CAP, their COVID Assistance Program to coaches when many stables and barns were forces to shut down. Over 500 coaches participated in this innovative program.

Asmar group designed their own INSPIRE Face Masks and Face Shields to help slow the spread of COVID while their Uniforms Division donated medical uniforms to hospitals and home care facilities.

When our businesses came to a halt, the only thing we could do that felt good for our team was to find ways to solve some of the new PPE challenges and give back to front line workers that were weathering the unthinkable.” noted Asmar.

As the CEO and founder of Asmar Equestrian, Noel is not only fueled by her passion for the sport but a deep understanding of the apparel business. With Noel Asmar Uniforms, she and her team work tirelessly to design & deliver quality wellness uniforms, accessories and services that elevate the performance of their clients worldwide. The Asmar brands are focused on a functional and purpose-driven design. Asmar dresses some of the most iconic hospitality brands in over 65 countries including Montage, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Fairmont and more.

One of our proudest moments was dressing the Canadian Equestrian Team for the RIO 2016 Olympics.  It was one of the greatest honors of my professional life.says Asmar.

In celebration of Asmar’s tenth year in business they have released an Anniversary Edition of their #1 selling All Weather Rider Jacket ™. When Noel and her husband built their equestrian home in Vancouver with horses and kids in tow, she crafted this essential jacket which is perfect for life at the barn, hacking in the rain, picking up the kids at school or heading out for a night on the town.

With an eye on the future, Asmar Equestrian is excited to announce that their 2021 collection is available exclusively online and includes recycled and sustainable materials in over half of the collection. By 2023, their goal is to offer sustainable fabrics across every collection. This step toward a more sustainable future “is a stride that’s necessary for the well-being and growth of our planet.” according to Noel.

Asmar is building a closer relationship with their clientele in many ways.  The Asmar VIP Rewards Program gives clients access to new products, private sales and new initiatives from the comfort of their home —all while earning points for every dollar spent. Taking into account the rise and frequency in online shopping, Asmar waived all ground shipping costs and provided their loyal customers with a free return policy within the USA. 

With so much time being spent at home, Asmar Equestrian has also launched their exquisite Asmar At Home line.  Some of their most popular pieces are their buttery soft wool blankets; aromatherapy eye pillows and an array of new home entertaining accessories.

 In the true spirit of team building, Asmar is excited to introduce a new line of barn apparel offering custom embroidery for riders, trainers and barn managers. Continuing to jump full speed ahead, team Asmar has created a men’s line which includes sweaters, technical tops and outerwear. With the growth of rider families, Asmar is excited to bring to the 2021 market their first ever children’s line geared for first generation riders or mothers and daughters who want to sport their equestrian style together.  Noel, a proud mother of two boys and a girl, was inspired to create children’s line after witnessing her daughter’s instant love of riding and the lack of kid’s apparel.

Asmar Equestrian is an elegant, thoughtful, purpose driven equestrian brand that is a leader in our community.  Asmar continues to bring together Equestrian style from the barn to the board room and back home.

I am excited to get to share with you a little more about the mind behind this incredible brand. Noel Asmar is a fearless entrepreneur, mother, wife, designer and animal lover. 

“Getting dressed is an important ritual that sets intention for the day. When I zip up my boots and reach for my riding helmet, I get a slight adrenaline rush. When I am well dressed, I feel more empowered and confident…that’s how we want our customers to feel.” says Asmar.


You might be asking yourself, how does she do it? The thought certainly crossed my mind. Noel has so much on her plate yet handles it all with grace and class. With each conversation we have about the future of Asmar Equestrian I always feel empowered about my own riding and business goals.



Here are a few questions I got to ask Noel in one of our more recent chats...


What are your hopes for women and what advice do you give your kids?

I want women to celebrate every stage of life. From youth to the metamorphosis of our bodies into adulthood, motherhood and beyond. As we age our bodies change shape and sadly media has conditioned us to equate beauty with a particular body type.  Well the tides are changing.  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As a mother of three children (two boys and our young daughter), my husband and I teach our kids that the only limits they have are those they put on themselves.  

Which places have inspired the look and feel of your brand?

After I received my degree in Hotel Management in Vancouver, I had the opportunity to work in Beirut with a hotel opening.  What I thought was a one-year gig turned into ten years working in the middle East, Asia and all through Europe. I have since spent time in over 33 countries.  I love learning ancient cultures and I believe my style is a culmination of my global travel and world experiences.

Favorite restaurant?

ILILI Restaurant in New York City. I love their stylish and creative Mediterranean meze dishes and the great Manhattan vibe.

Favorite drink?

Scotch or an Old-Fashioned, preferably paired with dark chocolate (my ultimate weakness)

You always look so fresh and well rested, what’s your skincare routine?

I have been using Eminence Organic Skin Care since 2000.  I love their loose mineral tinted powder and use it every day. I also love their face masks, serums and stone crop cleansing oil. I also make sleep a big priority, ideally 9 hours a night. Yikes!

When you head out the door to take a meeting with new vendors or potential clients what is your perfume of choice?

I always layer according to my mood. I love Le Labo, I discovered this line in their early days at their shop in NYC. My favorite scents are Rose 31 and Lys 41.

As the Founder of Life Equestrian, I am always trying to support and champion female owned businesses. Naturally, when it comes to equestrian products, Asmar fits perfectly into my life.  Their pieces have everything that matters to me, fit, function, style and extreme comfort. I am proud to wear Asmar knowing her personal story and brand’s mission.  Whether I’m in the show ring, training at the barn, lounging at home with my husband, or taking meetings in the city, I always know that in an Asmar outfit, I will look and feel my best, isn’t that the definition of being empowered?

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