Asmar is expanding within the equestrian community, and the company is continuing to build a brand that focuses on an elegant and polished look that seamlessly guides riders from the barn to the board room or classroom, back home – all the while utilizing safe and sustainable materials and maintaining an affordable price point.

Noel Asmar founded Asmar Equestrian based on a global demand for a modern women’s equestrian clothing line. As Asmar Equestrian evolves, they have expanded to include clothing for riders of all ages, genders and abilities, including their latest youth collection. Recognizing the admiration, love and determination a young rider has to compete at a young age, the Asmar team hopes to instill a sense of empowerment and establish a lifelong connection with every rider.

“I see the love for riding and horses in my daughter and all the little ones training at the barn. This next generation inspires me every day,” says Noel.

The Asmar team is excited about the recent launch of their first-ever capsule for children ages four through twelve. This collection includes their Long Sleeve Sustainable Asmar Sun Shirt, which matches their signature men’s and women’s long sleeve that kicked off their timeless collection ten years ago. The colors were chosen to create a brand that Asmar Equestrian both boys and girls can enjoy, with the Pony Print Sun Shirt quickly becoming their top-selling piece. Asmar’s youth line is functional, elegant and fun, yet its price point makes their apparel affordable for children’s frequently changing sizes.

“When I was a little girl, I had an obsession with horses. I would drive by the fields blowing kisses to every one of them. I had the horse-obsession and now I get to see my daughter’s same love for horses. My team is passionate about designing clever equestrian gear meant to empower young riders to show up feeling prepared, polished and confident. This is a really exciting time for our brand,” says Noel.

While creating an aesthetically pleasing children’s line, the Asmar team maintains their focus on using sustainable and recycled yarns, applying the same technical design principles for children that they do for their adult lines. This process includes the use of fabrics that offer UPF 50 + sun protection. Safety is always a priority for Asmar, and knowing children can overheat quickly, Asmar incorporated the most cutting-edge breathable activewear fabric.

Looking ahead, this fall you will see a Capsule 2 launch that will include breeches, outerwear and sweater knits. After months of designing and testing pieces that are well-made, functional and affordable for families, the Asmar team is incredibly excited about the launch of their youth line.

All of these items will make perfect gifts just in time for the holiday season. Plus, the Asmar VIP Rewards Program is still free to join, and offers access to new products and private sales and the ability to earn points with every dollar spent. Asmar has truly created a brand for all generations of equestrian families. Plus, shopping is now easier than ever with products available for all ages and the opportunity to earn points with every purchase.

All Asmar products are now sold exclusively online at, including their equestrian-inspired Home collection. Order now, within the U.S., to take advantage of free ground shipping.

Helen Pollock for Horse & Style: Hi Noel! Thank you for taking the time to be part of my second article for Horse & Style Magazine. We are just in time to cover the newest release of your Girls/Youth line in coordination with your growing Asmar Home Line. What is your focus for the Asmar brand as we are halfway through 2021?

Noel Asmar: Asmar Equestrian is focused on every aspect of the rider’s life. We went direct to consumer at the beginning of 2021 to get closer to our riders and to help every one of them show up dressed for success in and out of the ring. We have an exciting chapter ahead that includes items for the home; exclusive equestrian-inspired gift and home products that equestrians will both want for themselves, and to gift to their friends and family as an expression of their passion. We are most well-known in the U.S. and Canada, but we serve customers all over the world with a loyal and growing customer base in Japan, UAE and Europe.

H&S: We know how important it is to the Asmar brand to continue creating safe and sustainable products. Where do you source such sustainable materials, and do you design based around available materials or do you create your design and then source the materials?

NA: Our design team is passionate about the entire process which always begins with finding the perfect fabric. The fabrics are the foundation upon which we build every season’s capsule to ensure premium craftsmanship for our customers. The dying process is important to understand to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals used during our lab testing. Our Italian leather belt and bag collections are produced in a family-owned factory in Florence, which works with tanneries that do not use harmful or toxic metals. Our team is always sourcing sustainable yarns to provide fabrics that work as hard for our riders as our riders work in the ring.

H&S: What has been the most rewarding experience as you grow the Asmar brand?

NA: As a lifelong equestrian, I love being a part of an industry that is growing in scale every year, and to be a part of an incredible community of designers, riders and trainers. Collaborating with these groups and individuals gives our team additional insight into a world we are so passionate about, and fuels our future goals. It is truly inspiring seeing our customers living out their dreams, wearing our functional yet stylish pieces; and we only want to grow to provide the best of the best for the industry and our customers. Our team is very excited about what the future has in store for Asmar Equestrian.